Part 1: How To Create “A New Marketing Bot” That Helps You Address Today’s Low Traffic and Conversion Issues To Help You Scale Faster Tomorrow…

Last Updated: June 13, 2018

Imagine, if you had a marketing bot that shows exactly how to scale your business…

A bot that most successful marketers quietly exploited to amass thousands, if not, millions of dollars every campaign. And a bot that can be used by you, today, to unlock vast amount of wealth – with minimal risk and certainty. In this special blog series…

You’ll discover the most important (but often neglected) piece in scaling a business… a system applied by some of the most successful online marketers and entrepreneurs in history. What’s more… You’ll discover how you can use this marketing bot to you avoid wasting money on advertising… So you can make marketing decisions wisely… And create a sustainable (and scalable) business for your family and community.

And it starts with one small step you can take today. So enjoy reading, and most importantly, take action on what you learn in this report. If you do… I promise that the way you think about marketing will never be the same again… giving you the ability to make more money for your family and community, and you'll be well on your way to dominating your competitors.

Now just to make things clear… Please don't be fooled by the “simplicity” of this guide. Sure, some of the stuff can get a bit technical at times, but overall it's all very simple and straightforward. You may even read through this whole series and say to yourself, “That's it?!” To which I say, “Yup, that's it.” Because what I'm going to talk about is the 20% that'll generate 80% of your results, so you can get started right away and literally start to seeing change within a matter of days.

So are you ready? Let’s do this! Let’s begin by answering the questions… What is this NEW Marketing Bot? And how it can help you scale your business fast?

The Measurement Marketing System

Hey, my name is Chris Mercer, “Mercer” for short, and I’m the Co-founder of If you’re a business owner who spend money on advertising and marketing, you gotta know your numbers. What I mean by that is…

If you’re running a campaign to scale your business, you’ll want to know what’s happening in your funnel so that eventually, you can optimize it. But in order to do that, you must know what to optimize, right?

That’s what Measurement Marketing comes in. When use properly, Measurement Marketing uncovers how your business is currently functioning so you can easily optimize what’s working and fix what’s not. And you can do it with:

  • Zero guesswork
  • Zero uncertainty
  • Zero gut based decision

The more you grow your business, the more money you need invest in marketing. And the more you invest in marketing, the more important it is to measure your business.

Successful Marketers Measure Their Way To Success

To give you a quick background, let me introduce you to a very successful business owner, who somehow, discover the importance of measuring your marketing. For some, he’s considered as a “pioneer in marketing.” He opened one of the first and most successful department stores in the United States, which grew to 16 stores and eventually became part of Macy’s.

And he was the first retailer to ever run a full-page newspaper ad in 1879. His name is John Wanamaker Through the years of marketing and advertising… he realized something, and uttered the now famous line … “Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is, I just don't know which half.” And ever since then, smart marketers have been measuring their advertising in order to optimize their conversion rates, reduce costs, and make more money.

When direct mail came…

Advertisers would “split test” their marketing by sending out different offers, using a unique call tracking number for each one… …So they could track the incoming calls and their sales… and see which offer did the best. Eventually… Advertisers did the same thing with radio and TV infomercials …

And today….

The Internet has made it easier and faster to track, optimize and scale your marketing campaigns. You don’t need to be a web developer to measure your marketing. You don’t have to know advanced coding to make it work. All you have to do to know what you want to track, sign in to your Google Account, then setup the tools properly (more about this in the next lesson) by telling Google the exact information you want. What I’m saying is…

Even though a lot has changed since John Wanamaker place a full-page newspaper ad in 1879… ONE thing hasn't … The fact that MEASURING is critical to your online marketing success. The late, legendary, Peter Drucker said it best. “If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it” So whether you're selling information product, have an online store or a service provider who offer tracking and analytics services, this is just something you NEED to do for your business.

It’s Like Using “Waze” For Your Business

Now, I know what you’re thinking… Measuring is not sexy… And it may sound too complicated…. But based on my 20+ years of sales marketing experience… I can tell you that measuring your numbers is truly one of the only “SECRETS” to making a ton of money online. In fact, if you’re a small online business owner or “solopreneur,” it's even more important for you because you probably don't have a lot of money to waste, right?

Fortunately, you don’t have to do any GUESSING to make the most out of your investment. Why? Because Measurement Marketing is just like “Waze,” you know, the navigation app developed by Google.

How does Waze work? Well… according to Google… Waze collects this information (like traffic conditions, accidents, road blocks) and immediately analyzes it in order to provide other Wazers with the most optimal route to their destination, 24 hours a day. And just like Waze, the system I’m about to show you later, does the same for you. This system will help you…

  • KNOW your numbers – Traffic source, pageviews, conversion rates, sales
  • TRUST those numbers – Information that matters
  • And GROW your numbers -To know exactly the next BEST thing to do (based on those numbers.)

So you can have the most OPTIMAL route to scaling your business.   Imagine, how easy it is to make decision not based on gut, but on facts and figures that are in front of you. Imagine how fast can you scale your business if you know exactly what’s working and what’s not in your business?

That’s how simple Measurement Marketing is. The question is… how do you do it? How can you create a tracking system that helps you navigate your business for optimum results?

The 5 Pillars Of Measurement Marketing

There are 5 Pillars in Measurement Marketing. They are…

  • Planning – (What numbers you should track)
  • Building – Information that matters
  • Reporting -(How your business is currently doing – based on those numbers)
  • Forecasting – (What is your benchmark numbers)
  • Optimizing – (How can you grow those numbers)

We’re going to go through this one step at a time. And for this lesson, we’re going to cover…

Pillar # 1: PLANNING (What Numbers You Should Track)

Believe it or not, this is what most people skips. They want to jump right in putting Google Analytics in their site (or Facebook Analytics)… then fire up some traffic… and go back to their Analytics dashboards trying to figure out what really happen. In fact, this is what I did when I was starting. But in reality…

What you should be doing is sit down, ask some questions like what you should be tracking before measuring anything. A great rule of thumb is always start with the end in mind, then let’s reverse engineer the process.

3 Questions To Ask When Planning

Basically, there are three questions you should be asking when planing.

  • What do I want to know?
  • What answers will I need?
  • Where will I get those numbers?

So for example, when you’re doing a product launch, you might ask questions like…

  • What do I want to know? “Are my emails are working?”
  • In order to know that, what answers will I need? Maybe I need to know… # of Emails Sent, Open Rate, Click Rate, CToR (Click To Open Rate)
  • Where will I get those numbers? I can get it from my Infusionsoft, Aweber, or whatever email-marketing service provider account.

Or maybe, you want to ask a different question like…

  • What do I want to know? “Is my sales page working?”
  • To know that, what answers will I need? “Maybe I need to know… my conversion rate to cart because the goal of my sales page is to excite them to go to the cart and make a sale” (Note: In the next lesson, you’ll discover how are we going to track this one)
  • Where will I get those numbers? Maybe I can get it using tools like Google Analytics

Which can lead you to questions like…

  • What do I want to know? “Is my cart working?”
  • And if I want know that, what answers will I need? “Oh I need to know what my abandon rates are” (Note: Just in case you’re wondering, we use abandonment rate here because most marketers use it to determine the number of people who reach your cart that doesn’t convert).
  • Where will I get those numbers? Maybe I can get it using tools like Google Analytics

Can you see how important it is to sit down for a minute and do your planning before you measure anything? Can you see how It will not only gives you clarity on what numbers you should track but it will also help you to implement fast? So look, in the first lesson alone we've uncovered several foundational things for you to recognize:

  • If you’re using paid traffic to scale business, you do need measure your marketing.
  • The simplest way to do it is by using this new marketing bot called “Measurement Marketing”.
  • It’s like the “Waze” of marketing where it do shows exactly how your business is functioning and helps you find the most optimal route to scale your business.
  • And the first step to Measurement Marketing is to sit down and do some planning first before you start measuring anything.

Now, let's talk about how to actually build it in the next lesson. See you in the next page!

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