3 Ways To Use Audience Reports To Grow Your Business

Last Updated: January 18, 2018

An often under-utilized feature of Google Analytics is the audience reports, but understanding who your visitors are and what their intent is can be a game-changing factor for the success of your online business. How? When you know who your users are and combine that information with other details you are better able to target the users who buy your products or engage with your content.Plus, you'll know what types of content to create to keep them interested and coming back!Here are just three examples of how you can use the audience reports to improve your marketing

    1. Increase ROI on advertising
    2. men,
    3. age 26-34,
    4. with an in-market-segment of banking, finance or investing

You should consider using that information in your ad strategy. TO TRY In your next Facebook ad, you may want to target men who ready Forbes or the Wall Street Journal and are interested in Edward Jones, Fidelity Investments, etc. even if your business isn’t in the financial services niche.Because your in-market-segments report showed you the people who visit your site are also interested in these services you can target some of these interests in your ads.

This detailed demographic targeting can save you money getting more of the right people to your content. Note: Be sure and use UTM’s to tag ads with different audience sets so you can see the specific traffic flow through your site and split test different audiences and ads.

2. Market to people who are buying your products

If you are selling products from your website and have E-commerce reporting set up correctly, you can see which demographic is actually buying more of your products – as well as individual products. Using secondary dimensions, you can combine demographics with product performance reports to see who is actually buying more. You may find some surprising information. Using the previous example, you see that 50% of your website traffic comes from men age 26-34, but when you drill down details in your e-commerce reports, you may find that most of your sales actually come from an older demographic. These insights can help you decide if you should create content or a sales funnel specifically for the younger demographic that is coming to your site or scale more of your advertising budget to the older demographic to increase those sales. You may even want to consider a new product specifically geared to the larger demographic. Or a combination of all three.

3. Find New Opportunities to Convert More Users One of the best insights many marketers find with their audience reports is from the mobile vs desktop vs tablet report. With just a quick look you can see not only how much traffic you are getting from each, but also bounce rate, time on page and conversions. When you add custom event goals such as scroll rate and engaged time on page, you can drill down the data and get a more vivid picture of what your traffic is doing on mobile versus desktop. For example, You may see that more of your desktop users sees the bottom of your sales page than your mobile users.

You can then determine if you want to change up your page design. For sales pages, you may want to add more CTA Buttons higher on the page. For blog posts, you might add more subheadings and fewer images. If most of your traffic is on mobile, but you are converting desktop users at a much higher percentage rate, you might think about adding a popup for mobile users telling them they should view the page on desktop. You may also want to look at your digital advertising campaigns and ensure you are spending more of your investment advertising to people on desktop. HINT ——->>> Use Emmet Review to see how your web pages look on various mobile devices! As you know, your customers are the absolute core of everything you do each day, so it’s critical that you’re serving them according to what they actually need and respond to.To be able to do that, you need to have a very firm grasp on who your customers are. It’s very difficult to get someone to have any kind of action online if you don’t know your user demographic, interests, and motivations.When you know all these things in-depth, you’re able to tailor your language, copy, advertising, page design and even your products so that you have the best chance of converting as many people as possible.

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