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How Ryan Levander Can Help You

Rednavel Consulting, led by Ryan Levander, assists SaaS and E-commerce companies in achieving their revenue goals through focused Measurement and Experimentation Consulting, Implementation, and Workshops.

Many businesses rush towards Optimization without establishing a solid research foundation, leading to significant uncertainties in their marketing efforts.

Ryan's diverse background in Marketing, encompassing SEO, Media Buying, and various Research methods, positions him uniquely to address these challenges.

This diverse experience is crucial when conducting Website Conversion Diagnostics — a critical first step before embarking on any “CRO” initiatives — and in applying the right qualitative research methods to uncover the reasons behind user actions.

If you're seeking a growth partner to help achieve new revenue milestones, consider taking Rednavel Consulting's Growth Assessment to determine if we're the right match:


Skills: CRO SEO Data Pipelines (BigQuery) ending up in Dashboards Email: [email protected] Website:

How Ryan Levander Can Help You

We help companies solve lead and conversion problems. We do that largely through UX, CRO audits, Quan/Qual Research, and Testing.

We also advise on SEO: site architecture, content creation, and keyword research.

We love to automate all the data we collect into data pipelines ending up in visualizations in Data Studio.
We only work with SaaS and Ecommerce industries. Minimum project size of $5k. Rare for us to take on projects, but usually retainers.

I'll do ad hoc, but $400/hour on an hourly basis.

Ryan Levander

Rednavel Consulting

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