W.I.N. JavaScript Basics for Google Tag Manager

Course Duration: 4hrs 32ms


Ready to add the basics of JavaScript to your measurement toolbelt? Get ready to manage your data layers, set cookies, and more! All with a basic understanding of JavaScript and GTM.

What to Expect:

  • The relationship between JavaScript and Google Tag Manager, and how it can help you level up your GTM skills.
  • The baby steps to learn JavaScript so you can stop freaking out when you see it. Instead, start pulling specific numbers you need from your web pages using GTM
  • How to build that confidence by understanding JavaScript Variables
  • How to use the advanced features of Google Tag Manager like setting up cookies, the Data Layer and more by familiarizing yourself with JavaScript
  • How to unlock your new Google Tag Manager and JavaScript skills by using third party tracking scripts
  • And More…

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JavaScript: The Foundations (42m)

Lesson Content

JavaScript and the Data Layer (52m)

Lesson Content

Debugging JavaScript (32m)

Lesson Content

JavaScript Variables in GTM (42m)

Lesson Content

JavaScript & 1st Party Cookies (49m)

Lesson Content

More JavaScript Examples (35m)

Lesson Content

W.I.N. JavaScript Basics for GTM Bonus Q&A (20m)

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