Turn Basic Data Into Insight And Outcomes

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Do you ever wonder how to effectively turn all that data into something that has a positive impact on your marketing?
MeasurementMarketing.io's own Chris Mercer appeared on the E-Commerce Secrets To Scale, a marketing and entrepreneurship podcast.
The podcast revolves around hearing the stories and strategies of successful entrepreneurs and e-commerce professionals to uncover scaling secrets that will impact your online store.
Listen to Mercer discuss the importance of making data-driven decisions for marketers trying to scale an online store. 
You'll learn so many new things in this episode to improve your marketing and conversion rates.
If you want to turn basic analytics data into insight and profitable outcomes, take a listen now. 
It's a game-changer!
To learn more about how Academy for Marketers can help you listen to your data, improve your decision-making, boost your marketing results and scale your business…

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