The Superstorm of Marketing Challenges

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Mercer recently hopped on to the Perpetual Traffic podcast to discuss some big time challenges marketers are facing (with more to come). He talks about about getting leads and sales for your business through measurement.

Kasim calls Mercer “one of the only non-posers in the attribution/measurement game online, the most important voice in digital marketing right now, and the smartest guy in the space.”

The scary thing for marketers, Mercer says, is that every day it’s getting harder to measure.

Tech is changing, privacy laws are making it more difficult, and users don’t want to be measured. There tired of being followed all over the internet.

But there are still plenty of ways to get around all of that, and can help you do it.

Listen in for some helpful tips on figuring out how you got your results, so you know what action to take next.

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