W.I.N. Courses

“What I Need” To Get Unstuck, Improve Conversion
and Scale My Business
If you're looking for specific answers regarding your measurement and optimization, then W.I.N course might be what you've been looking for.

W.I.N stands for What I Need…

And each W.I.N. is a unique stand alone course designed to be short, simple and relevant so you can quickly improve your skills. Each course guarantees to get you unstuck so you can optimize your marketing fast.

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W.I.N. Facebook Retargeting

About This W.I.N.:

  • Quickly figure out which prospects are worth showing ads
  • Create your Facebook retargeting pixels
  • Plan, build, and test every stage of your retargeting

W.I.N. Google

About This W.I.N.:

  • Know where your users are coming from...
  • Know what actions their taking AND the results of those actions...
  • And all from one Google Analytics report!


W.I.N. Google
Tag Manager

About This W.I.N.:

  • How To Use Google Tag Manager Like a Pro Even If You’re A Complete Beginner
  • How to Avoid Making BIG Mistakes That Could Cost You a Ton Of Time
  • Things You Didn’t Know That Google Tag Manager Can Actually Do For You

W.I.N. Google Data Studio Dashboards

About This W.I.N.:

  • Create reports you can actually use
  • How to connect your Analytics to Data Studio
  • Customize the appearance of your dashboard

W.I.N. Facebook Analytics

About This W.I.N.:

  • How to take advantage of this newly available Facebook Tool
  • Automatically track Lifetime Value of your customer
  • Build Funnels from your business pages through to your website

W.I.N. Know Your Numbers

About This W.I.N.:

  • Know the difference between ROI, ROAS, KPI, LTV and more
  • Which numbers are important and which can ignore
  • Basic math to improve your marketing results

W.I.N. Regular Expressions

About This W.I.N.:

  • How RegEx can make Google Analytics easier
  • How it simplify Google Tag Manager implementation
  • How to use RegEx to create sales funnels in Google Analytics

W.I.N. Traffic

About This W.I.N.:

  • Which traffic sources is working and which ones don’t
  • How to assign value with the result
  • How other platforms handle attribution
JavaScript Basics for GTM

W.I.N. JavaScript Basics for GTM

About This W.I.N.:

  • Discover the building blocks of JavaScript
  • How to build custom JavaScript in Google Tag Manager
  • How you can use JavaScript to improve measurement

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