The Secret to Clawing Back “Lost” Revenue By Plugging Hidden Traffic Leaks That You NEVER Knew Were There

Discover why it is FAR easier to seal “revenue” leaks with existing traffic than to generate more traffic from new sources.

Gain full visibility into your complete buyer’s journey, so you can see EXACTLY where you are losing potential customers…

Identify common yet overlooked traffic leaks in digital marketing, including ad spend inefficiencies and untracked referral traffic
Leverage advanced measurement strategies to track and optimize your traffic conversions, including analyzing traffic leaks (without expensive tools or messy spreadsheets)
Use your skills to capture the most revenue possible out of existing traffic without chasing social media traffic, trying to game search rankings, or spending more on ads

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Attendees will receive a BONUS Dashboard Toolkit you can use to visualize your traffic performance in minutes

After This Live Session, You Won’t Need to Spend So Much Time and Effort Chasing Search Rankings, Social Media Virality, and Advertising ROAS

Join Digital Marketing Legends Chris Mercer and Jeff Sauer in this free live webinar, where they will share:

Dashboard reports with examples of traffic “leaks” so you will know what to look for in your own reporting.
Case examples of how our Measurement Marketers plugged traffic leaks, with “before” and “after” results.
Little-known but HIGHLY effective measurement techniques that show you where you need to optimize.

About Your Presenters


Jeff has been working in digital marketing and web analytics since 2005 when he became one of the first people to beta test Google Analytics. He's also an award-winning digital advertiser. He's been recognized as one of the top 25 Most Influential People in PPC advertising several times in the past decade.

As a marketer and web analyst, Jeff has helped businesses of all sizes find insights in their marketing data, which they used to achieve and exceed their annual goals.

These days, Jeff is a full-time educator with his online training programs reaching over 50,000 students and helping them master PPC Marketing, Data Analytics, and Agency Business Development.

Chris Mercer

Mercer is your senior instructor, speaker, and co-founder of

Has 20+ years of Sales, Marketing, and Training experience…from speed reading to sales management and more!

Thanks to positive feedbacks from audiences, Mercer has been a sought-after speaker at conferences and masterminds across the USA, Mexico, and Europe.

Mercer currently lives in Austin, Texas. Originally from Philadelphia, PA area, so he’s always looking for authentic Philly Cheesesteak everywhere he goes…so far, nothing! Know any place in your area??

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