Fast Track Your Business Growth! Master Your Marketing Numbers In Record Time With A Private, Personalized, Expert-Guided Training

Have you always known that knowing your marketing numbers is necessary to grow your business but haven't really gotten to a point where you are confident that you can trust them?Do you have Google Analytics installed in your website, but you're not really sure what you should track, how you should track them, and how to use them to make wise business decisions?Have you been asking questions that you know you could answer if you know what numbers to look at?Have you been flying blind, making business decision based on “best practices” and hoping that it would bring you the results that you want?You're not alone.

The Reality Is Learning How To Master Your Marketing Numbers Can Be Overwhelming And Time-Consuming.

Google Analytics is a great marketing tool, but there's really no manual out there that will teach you how to use it to grow your business.Most marketers are limited to using GA to know which pages on their website are the most visited, unaware of the fact that it can track and measure so much more.In fact, Google Analytics can give you a treasure map that forces your business to grow.However, learning the ins and outs of Google Analytics can be time-consuming.It takes a lot of weeding through tons of information online and trial-and-error on your end. 
Most of the time, you spend a lot of time learning these things and still end up nowhere close to using your marketing numbers to hit your business goals.So, the next best option is to hire someone to do this for you, but a lot of so-called data scientists out there only know data… not marketing.They're good at creating reports, but not the ones that you need to grow your business.Data-driven marketers are hard to come by… and they come with an expensive price tag.

Introducing: The Measurement Marketing Private Guided Training

The Measurement Marketing Private Guided Training is a “done-with-you” service that will help gain confidence in mastering your marketing numbers the fastest and most painless way possible.Think of it as learning how to ride a bike. The only way for you to learn is to actually ride a bike, but the fastest way to do so is to have training wheels on and a coach to lead the way.The Measurement Marketing Private Guided Training provides both the training wheels and the coach.

This one-of-a-kind program includes the following:

8 training calls with Measurement Marketing experts to walk you through measurement strategies and execution plans customized to your business
A private Slack support channel with you and your team and the Measurement Marketing team so you can ask questions whenever you have them.
One year free access to Measurement Marketing Academy (valued at $948) so you can continue learning the latest and greatest in Measurement Marketing

Hiring a third party to track, monitor and measure your marketing funnels for you can cost well over $20,000. With the Measurement Marketing Private Guided Training, you can do this for less than $10,000 and you keep this valuable function in house.

Is Private Guided Training The Right Step For Your Business?

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Results Seen By Former Private Guided Training Clients:

We asked marketers and business owners before and after taking the Measurement Marketing Private Guided Training to rate their skills in key areas of Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager from 1 star to 10 stars (1 being the lowest and 10 being the highest).

Here's What They Are Saying:

If you're looking to get your GA & GTM sorted Mercer is your guy. He's a great instructor and able to explain things in different ways when necessary to make sure you ‘get it'. The support throughout the training was amazing with a dedicated Slack channel – which made going back and checking really easy. Anyone that is serious about their business needs to be aware of their numbers and online data, using GTM, GA and Google Sheets for the reporting – all of which Mercer covers in this course are a necessity. Elly Hurley

Nudge Marketing

Thanks to this program, we ask and answer questions more intelligently, and we are able to see better metrics the way we'd like. Milai Peralta

Holy Land Health

Totally worth it. I love being able to learn this kind of thing and be able to track and see things that we weren't able to before. My boss is particularly excited about being able to see WHERE our customers are coming from! Julia Delay

Amy Myers MD

Finally be in control of your numbers, transform your sales funnels, and make more money

You can either spend $20,000+ to hire a third party vendor to track, monitor, and measure your marketing funnels for you…

Or you can take the Measurement Marketing Private Guided Training for less than $10,000 and keep this valuable function in-house.

My name is Chris Mercer, but everyone in the marketing world just calls me Mercer. I am the founder of Measurement Marketing. In my years in the business, I am astonished as to how many marketers are running their business like a person in a pitch black cave, hoping to find the way out. The Measurement Marketing Private Guided Training will give you the proverbial flashlight so you can stop scrambling to achieve marketing success and actually have a treasure map to do so.

Is Private Guided Training Right For Your Business?

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