To Marketers Who Are Tired Of NOT Knowing What’s Working And What’s Not…

Chris “Mercer” Mercer


If you’re here, reading this page… you probably know that the most consistent and dependable way to grow your revenue… is to know your numbers.

Thing is… it’s easy to say but harder to do…

And there’s no shortage of constantly changing tools available.

These tools promise simple solutions and yet…hardly ever deliver.


Because knowing your numbers is not enough.

The Ugly Truth About Modern Marketing

Most marketers build funnels, setup their e-commerce sites and then begin to dump money into paid media and get some results…

Thing is (and this is where it gets ugly…)

They have no idea HOW they get those results.

– Are they losing customers on their cart?
– Are people not going to the cart?
– Are they even seeing the product details?
– And so on…

If you don’t know what’s broken, how can you fix it?

If you don’t know what’s working, how can you scale it?

It's like… walking around in a dark cave without a flashlight.

The truth is…

It’s difficult to scale and grow a business if you don’t know HOW your funnel is currently working.

Fortunately, There’s An Easy Solution

Know your numbers and know what to do with your numbers.

Lucky for you, there are tools like Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics that make this easy as long as you know how to use them.

When it’s time to make a decision on how to scale, enhance, or improve your marketing, there’s no room for…

✘ Opinions
✘ Gut
✘ Hunches
✘ Assumptions

There’s no room for guessing in this business.

To get predictable and repeatable RESULTS, you need to know HOW to use the tools available to MEASURE YOUR MARKETING so you can know your numbers (and know what to do with those numbers).

Now, You Might Be Thinking…

“Yeah, I’ve tried this before. I use Google Analytics
but it’s so OVERWHELMING…”

You've probably tried to track things before to figure out what’s working and what’s not… but there’s just too much in Google Analytics and it’s downright frustrating at times!

(Not to mention the new tools that have come out like Google Tag Manager, Google Data Studio and Facebook Analytics)

But you know what?

It’s NOT the tools that matter.

It’s all about using the RIGHT tools for the RIGHT purpose… And putting them in a SYSTEM that you can use over and over again.

Welcome to Measurement Marketing

Measurement Marketing a proven system that helps you…

KNOW your numbers
(traffic sources, page views, conversion rates and sales)

TRUST your numbers
(easy since you'll know how they got there)

GROW your numbers
(know exactly what to do next!)

When you know what’s NOT working, you can fix it.

When you know what is working, you can scale it.

That’s what Measurement Marketing is all about.

“You don’t just need analytics, you need analytics you can TRUST. And when it comes to systems, I only trust The Measurement Marketing System”

Justin Rondeau – Marketing Director, Digital Marketer

The 5 Pillars Of Measurement Marketing



It’s all about knowing which questions to ask, what you need in order to get those answers and what you do with those answers once you get them.


Once you get the planning down, you can begin setting up the tools like Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics so you can use them for reporting.



Using tools like Google Data Studio, you can create simple easy-to-understand dashboards that instantly gives you answers you can take action on.


Now that you have your numbers, you can begin to forecast what will happen in the next few weeks or even months based on your previous results.


Finally, you can measure how your funnel is currently working against your forecast. If it’s broken, you know where to optimize and if it’s working, you can start to scale.

Are you ready to know your numbers, trust your numbers, grow your numbers?

Are you ready to know what’s working and what’s not in your own marketing so you can improve results and scale?


Measurement Marketing Academy

This is the ONE PLACE you can go to take full advantage of these tools (like Google Analytics and Tag Manager) to measure your numbers.

New workshop every week


Library of workshops built to get your answers fast

Academy Office Hours & Group Coaching


On-demand “Ask An Instructor” support

Tools and Resources

Self-paced courses

And so much more…

Here’s How The Academy Helps You

New Workshops Released Every Single Week
(Value : $197/Month)


If you’re brand new to these tools and you want to learn the basics of:

Google Analytics

Google Tag Manager

Google Data Studio

Facebook Analytics

This is perfect for you.  These workshops help you get a solid foundation on how these tools can help you measure your marketing so you can improve your skills, FAST.


If you’re not the implementer and you’re more of a person who do the strategy, you also benefit from joining the Academy.

As an Academy member, you’ll be able to answer tough business questions like…

“What reports should I be looking at and how often?”
“How to optimize sales funnels using Google Analytics?”
“What questions should I be asking so I can get information that we can actually use?”

… And so on.

This means you can be the HERO of your company because you’re the one who can recognize hidden opportunities in your numbers…. And use that information to make smart marketing decisions to grow your business.


Have a little experience? Ready to level up your skills? Then you’re going to love our “Beyond the Basics” workshops.

Every month, you get intermediate to advanced trainings on how to IMPROVE your Measurement Marketing skills like:

– Setting Up Scroll Tracking in Google Analytics…
– How to Track Customers Avatars…
– Measurement Marketing for E-commerce…
– Cross Device Tracking…

Imagine your confidence when you know how to optimize a broken funnel and scale a working one.


It’s hard to keep up with the changes on platforms like Google Analytics, Tag Manager, Data Studio, Facebook Analytics and others… because these tools update all the time.

And for great reasons! (Like… enhancing the functionality and making things easier for you as a Measurement Marketer)

That’s why with “What's New” workshops, you stay up-to-date on all the changes and discover the new features and benefits you can take advantage of so you can stay ahead of the game.

In Addition, You Also Get

Academy Office Hours & Group Coaching

Every single week, you can hop on a live call with an instructor and get answers on any questions you have around Measurement Marketing.

From a specific question like…

“How do I setup a lead to be a Goal in Google Analytics?”

To an more general question like…

“I’m not even sure what goals should be set on my site? What would be your opinion on that?”

With instructor led support, you can get unstuck and move forward… FAST!

Imagine the certainty you have by having someone to know exactly where you are and where you’re trying to get to.

That’s how special you are inside Academy.

And we’re not done yet because you also get…

Instant Access to The Academy Workshop Library
(Value: $197/month)

In addition to the weekly workshops, you also get instant access to the library of past workshops.

These workshops answers questions like…

“How to use Google Analytics Goals to track leads?”
“What reports should be looked at and how often?”
“How to get started with Google Tag Manager?”
“How to improve Facebook Retargeting results?”
“How to build the marketing dashboard that’s actually useful?”

Any topics that can help you measure your marketing is sitting there waiting for you in the workshop library…

Start getting real RESULTS the moment you become an Academy member today.

Of course, you’re going to have questions and you will…

“Ask An Instructor” Support System
(Value: $297/month)

Now, there are times where you get stuck… when you’re watching a workshop and maybe have a few questions… and you can’t wait until the live Q&A call…

That’s where the “Ask an Instructor” support system comes in.

Inside the Academy, there are team of Measurement Marketing instructors who do this everyday…

✓ They know how to use Google Analytics and what report to look at…
✓ They know how to use Google Tag Manager to measure behavior…
✓ They know how to create meaningful dashboards using Google Data Studio…
✓ They know how to use Facebook Analytics to understand your audience…
✓ And so on…

And they’re standing by ready to help you.

This is not your ordinary “I lost my password…” support. This is like having a consultant ready to help you in a moment's notice. So you can get answers in hours, not days.

When you’re stuck and you need some help…

Click “Ask An Instructor” and send over your screenshots, videos and questions.

… And pretty soon, you’re getting customized answers and feedback from a Measurement Marketing Instructor so you get unstuck and on your way.

Multiple Seats For Your Team
(Value: $297/mo.)

You can go far in your Measurement Marketing journey if you are traveling with your team of rockstars.

That's why as an Academy member, you also get up to 4 seats (per account) for your team to experience the ins and outs of Measurement Marketing.

All the main features given to the main account are available to other seats, including:

✓ Access to new workshops every week
✓ Academy office hours group coaching
✓ Library of workshops to get answers fast
✓ On-demand “Ask An Instructor” support
✓ And more….

That way, you can ensure no one is left behind and everyone in your team is on the same page as you.


NEW Training Every Week – Academy Office Hours & Group Coaching – On-Demand Workshop Library – “Ask An Instructor” Support System

Total Value: $1,484 per month.

Join today for just $297 per month

PLUS! When You Take Action Now,
You Also Get…

BONUS 1: Private Members-only Community

This is a community of like-minded people who are learning and growing with you. You can ask questions, network and exchange ideas with experts, Certified Measurement Marketers and your peers who have been in your shoes.

With members in different industries (and countries) you're sure to find someone who “gets you”.

So if you want to get (or give) advice on certain measurement marketing questions, this private members-only Facebook community “ Winner's Circle” is the best place to be because you can immediately learn from what other Measurement Marketers have already discovered.

Value: $47/month
Yours FREE When You Join The Academy

BONUS 2: Tools and Resources “Shortcuts”

Instead of spending hours searching what tools and resources should you use to measure your marketing… would it be beneficial for you to have ONE place to look at… that shows you everything you need?

Inside the Academy, you get access to our internal list of tools and resources.

This list is not available to the public and is exclusive to Academy members only. This list saves you a lot of time because it cuts away the clutter of thousands of tools and resources available on the internet, today.

Yours FREE as an Academy Member

And You Also Get…

BONUS 3: FREE Access To Self-Paced Courses

As an Academy member, you have access to special stand alone self-paced courses designed to give you what you need to measure and improve your marketing results.

They’re called “W.I.N. Courses“

W.I.N. stands for “What I Need…” and each W.I.N. is an unique stand alone course that is designed to give you a specific benefit for a particular topic.

Want to improve your results from your Facebook ad spend?

There’s  a W.I.N. for that.

Want to use Google Analytics, but not want to get overwhelmed and frustrated?

There’s a W.I.N. for that.

Ready to start using Google Tag Manager, but not sure where to start?

There’s a W.I.N. for that.

Want to create a marketing dashboard that you’ll actually use?!?

Yep.  There’s a W.I.N. for that one, too!

New W.I.N courses are added all the time and every single W.I.N. is designed to help you achieve your business goals.

As a Measurement Marketing Academy member you get unlimited access to every single one.

A $97/month value
Yours FREE When You Join The Academy


NEW Training Every Week -Academy Office Hours & Group Coaching – On-Demand Workshop Library – “Ask An Instructor” Support System

PLUS… The Private Members-Only Facebook Group – Tools and Resources Shortcuts – FREE Access to W.I.N. Courses

Total Value of Over $1,627 per month!

Join today for just $297 per month

Measurement Marketing Academy
Is Perfect For…


You’re the owner and the main marketing person in your company and you believe that what gets measured, gets improved.


You’re helping clients with their marketing and analytics, and you want to level-up your skills to grow your value and income.



You’re just getting started and you want to learn how to use tools like Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager and other measurement tools.


You want to stay ahead of the game and keep up-to-date with the latest features and updates.

You Are Protected with Our
30-Day Money Back Guarantee

That means you can join Measurement Marketing Academy… and access EVERYTHING!

✓ Where you join the weekly training…
✓ Access 100+ on demand workshops…
✓ Get help from Measurement Marketing Instructors…
✓ Measure your marketing properly…
✓ So you can have CONSISTENT and PREDICTABLE results…

And if it's not enough… just let us know within your first 30 days and we’ll give your money back, guaranteed!

Here’s What the Other Members Are Saying:

Before I made my decision more on gut feeling and how much engagement I could note. Now, I have a tool and make my decisions based on data,
not on gut.

Melanie Summer

Younique Media

“Knowing your numbers is the key to scaling business quickly. With technology moving at a rapid pace, it's now more important than ever before to track all your numbers… so you can make decisions quickly. That’s why I highly recommend you get Measurement Marketing Academy because if you learn it, apply it… you’re going to watch your business grow fast. So go ahead and thank me later!” - Chris Koehl,

Digital Marketing Professional

“Measurement Marketing Academy is an amazing resource if you want to be top of your game when it comes to Analytics and Google Tag Manager. Highly recommended!”

Darren Craig

Founder, Fully Charged Media


NEW Workshops Every Week

Academy Office Hours & Group Coaching


Access to the Academy Workshop Library


"Ask An Instructor” Support System

PLUS these Bonuses…

Private Members-only Facebook Group.

Tools and Resources Shortcuts.

FREE access to every W.I.N. Courses.

Join today for just $297 per month

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