Attention: Marketers, Business Owners and Agencies…

Do You Know How To Super-Charge Your Marketing Results With A Customized Measurement Strategy?

Get Exactly What You Need to Unlock the Power of Measurement Strategy, Google Analytics 4, Google Tag Manager, and Storylytics™ Dashboards to Know What's Working, What's Not, and What Actions You Should Take Next to Supercharge Your Marketing and Multiply Your Profits!


Who Else Wants To Produce Faster, More Effective,
More Profitable Marketing?

If You…

Are having a hard time figuring out what’s working and what’s not in your marketing

Feel overwhelmed with your current reports (every set of numbers are like algebra equations)

Can’t see (or explain) how your marketing is actually moving the needle

If You…

Don’t want to spend more money on another analytics tool (or courses that go out of date)

Are unable to make sense of what your current data is telling you

Feel like you’re setting money “on fire” because you don’t know your metrics and conversions.

That's where Measurement Marketing comes in!

"Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don't know which half." - John Wanamaker

With measurement you'll know!

Measurement is how you know what's working, what's not, and what's next with your marketing.

A properly planned Measurement Marketing system is EXACTLY how you make that happen.

Introducing the…

Measurement Marketing Academy for Marketers

How To Set Up, Unlock, and Implement Powerful Cutting-Edge
Measurement Marketing Strategies Into Your Business

Inside the Academy you'll get:

A full suite of courses to shortcut your learning curve with Measurement Strategy, Google Analytics 4, and More!

Mentorship from Instructors

Tools, Workshops, Community and more!

The Academy for Marketers is built for businesses and marketers like you who want to avoid these struggles…

And leverage the power of measurement to get more ROI from your marketing efforts

When you put the right measurement strategy in place, you can positively impact what matters most to your business… the bottom line!

The Academy for Marketers gives you the training, tools, and personalized coaching (more on this below) you need to get measurement done right

Whether you're just starting from scratch…

Need help fixing your measurement set up…

Or, you're looking to level up your skills…

The Measurement Marketing Academy for Marketers and our certified Instructors have you covered!

As an Academy Member you will be able to…

Quickly know which of your marketing tactics, channels and funnels are working, which aren’t, and what they are costing.

Know that every cent you spend on marketing is accounted for so you can make decisions that maximize your ROI

Create actionable Storylytics™ reports to quickly and easily what’s moving the needle in your marketing campaigns

Stay up-to-date with the latest measurement strategies, tactics, and tools.

Get complete visibility on how prospects are moving through your marketing funnels so you can improve your results.

Simplify your measurement across marketing platforms, domains and, yes, even apps!

Know where your prospects are coming from so you can focus on your marketing efforts (and company profits)

Leverage the expertise of the Measurement Marketing team to achieve your measurement goals.

Enjoy High-Level Coaching Without The High Price Tag…

Communicate With Real Certified Measurement Marketing Experts And Get Your Questions Answered…

With “Ask An Instructor” support your Academy Instructor will be there to act as your measurement mentors and coach you through your journey to better marketing through measurement.

“Ask An Instructor” support has been called the “hidden jewel” inside the Measurement Marketing Academy…

Here's what a few members have to say about this great opportunity…

Ask an instructor is crucial... I've never come across another course model that offers this in such detail.”

Ask An Instructor support is the first thing that comes to mind. Analytics is complicated but I feel more confident & I keep going because I know that I have an expert I can turn to.”

I definitely LOVE your Ask An Instructor feature, you guys just rock! Julie's personalized responses are fast and super-helpful - I cannot promise I won't bug you with more questions..... :”)

The instructors encourage you to send screenshots and/or videos to explain your exact situation so you can get the answers you need.

If you have questions like:

  • What course should I start with first?
  • Can you help me with my cross-domain tracking?
  • I can’t figure out where my leads and sales are coming from. Can you help me?
  • Why isn’t Google Analytics 4 showing me this specific data in my reports?

“Ask an Instructor” support is just like having a Measurement Marketing consultant at your disposal.

Plus, you’ll get answers in hours not days.

Instructors will also do complimentary reviews on your account setups and provide custom curriculums for your specific needs.

Who exactly are these instructors?

Meet Your Measurement Marketing Academy Instructors

(Combined, instructors have measured over a Billion dollars in revenue for companies in every industry imaginable)


Julie Brade

Chris “Mercer” Mercer

Manisha Mistry

Fiona Smallwood

JJ Reynolds

Ahmad Kanani

Stockton Fisher

Ryan Levander

In addition to “Ask An Instructor” support you can…

Ask Questions Daily Inside the Members Only
"Winner's Circle" Private Group…

The only way to get access to this priceless treasure trove of powerful measurement knowledge is to be an Academy for Marketers member.

You will…

Stay informed as we release Measurement Marketing news and gain access to a super supportive Private Group filled with measurement-focused marketers just like you.

Think of it as a Slack channel on steroids.

Ask questions and make connections!

Our supportive community will help you tackle even the most complex challenges.

Any time you have a question just jump in the group and fire away!

Instantly Access 100+ Searchable Training Videos So You Can Find Exactly What You Need When You Need It

Get access to the “Focused Workshop Library” packed with hundreds of On-Demand workshops (with new ones added every week).

Think of the Focused Workshop Library as the Measurement Marketing “Search Engine” for answers.

Save Valuable Time With Just-In-Time Learning...

Time is money, right?

So whether you’re looking for “Just-in-time learning” or you need to dive deeper into a topic or technique…

Or maybe you’re looking for an answer to a specific “How To” question about any of your measurement system tools.

All you need to do is type in your topic or your keyword into the library search bar and you’ll see a list of relevant workshops.

Focused Workshops are updated as technology, techniques, tactics or strategies change… so you are never left behind and are always on the cutting edge!

Not only will you have access to over 100 searchable workshops… (Yes, there's more!)

As an Academy for Marketers Member, You Have Access To All New And Updated Courses. So Your Measurement Marketing Strategy Will Always Be Current With What's Working Now!

Business tools and technology are changing all the time. Remember that Facebook Ads course you just bought? It's out of date now.

No More Outdated Courses!

This is why the Measurement Marketing Academy is dynamic! 

Every 4-6 Weeks the team releases updates to current courses…

Or completely NEW courses with a priceless  twist… members can attend LIVE!

There is NO additional cost for attending new Live courses.

Live courses allow for Academy members like yourself to interact with Instructors and ask questions.  

Try getting that from that outdated Google Analytics course you bought last year.

Courses inside the Academy are designed to give the strategies and tactics you need now, on the most important aspects of measurement so you can…

Develop your measurement skills in a way that is designed to get you into ACTION faster.

It’s only ACTION that is going to create better results from your marketing efforts.

The Academy features courses on strategy and tools including: Google Analytics 4, Tag Manager, Looker Studio…

And courses on Tag Manager Server-Side, BigQuery, and more!

You can even get a customized training roadmap from instructors, so you know exactly what courses to take to achieve your goals.

As an Academy member you can join new courses and updates LIVE so you can interact with instructors during the training.

Get Immediate Access To and Start Building Your Skills With...

Measurement Strategy

Discover the keys to long-term measurement success and gain the competitive advantage…

  • Get laser focused on what actually matters to your marketing success
  • Avoid “marketing in the dark” and light your path towards maximizing marketing ROI
  • Discover how to forecast and optimize your marketing campaigns like a pro
Measurement Strategy Courses
  • The Measurement Marketing Framework
  • Your Measurement Plan
  • Your Optimization Strategy
  • Forecasting Revenue & Results

Google Analytics 4

Experience the power of Google Analytics 4 without the complexity and overwhelm, so you can make more profitable marketing decisions…

  • Get a clear story on your audience's behaviors. No more guessing or relying on gut decisions
  • Use GA4 to get more ROI from your marketing efforts and budget
  • Avoid the most common mistakes most people make when implementing GA4
Google Analytics Courses
  • Google Analytics 4 Setup
  • Google Analytics 4 Basics
  • Google Analytics 4 Beyond Basics
  • Google Analytics Ecommerce

Google Tag Manager

Collect the most valuable user behaviors with ease and SUPERCHARGE your measurement…

  • No more waiting on developers to install tracking codes on your sites
  • Create personalized campaigns that drive results and add to your bottom line
  • Take your retargeting to the next level
Google Tag Manager Courses
  • Google Tag Manager Basics
  • Google Tag Manager Beyond Basics
  • Google Tag Manager for Retargeting
  • Google Tag Manager Server-Side

Storylytics™ Dashboards & Reporting with Looker Studio

Significantly shorten the learning curve of creating actionable, usable, and visually appealing Storylytics™ dashboards and reports…

  • Plan, create, and leverage dashboards with less data and more story
  • Start using Storylytics™ dashboards to extract the most important insights and drive growth
  • Streamline your dashboard management so you can get to ACTION faster and easier
Dashboards & Reporting Courses
  • Looker Studio Basics
  • Looker Studio Beyond Basics
  • Google Sheets Basics

The Ultimate Measurement Marketing Bonus
That No One Could Pass Up

As if we could possibly add even MORE value to Academy for Marketers when you invest today you'll receive the following business-changing bonuses:

BONUS #1: 12 Weekly Measurement Mastermind Calls ($1,491.00 Value) Join fellow students and instructors so you can discuss any measurement issues, best practices, and real-world applications.

STOP!!! Don't skip past this bonus. You may regret it.

This Bonus Alone Could Be Worth Far More To Your Business Than Your Investment In Academy For Marketers

Being granted access to 12 Weekly Measurement Mastermind Calls could completely change everything.

These weekly live calls can revolutionize your measurement, your marketing, and your business.

You'll speak live with four or five measurement marketing experts… at the same time!

This means experts like Founder: Chris Mercer, Director of Measurement: Julie Brade, as well as other Certified Measurement Marketers, and members of the Instructor team.

What could this do for your business?

You'll have access to live interaction to be able to discuss best practices, get personalized advice born of experience, and have a “behind-the-scenes” look at real-world measurement applications.

Any call could deliver to you the measurement breakthrough that completely changes your entire marketing strategy, leading to a better customer journey, increased revenue, and higher profits.

And call recordings are available just in case you miss one.

You don't want to pass up being granted access to these priceless weekly mastermind calls.

Think of it as a high level mastermind group without the $50,000 price tag.

BONUS #2: A One-on-One Strategy call with an instructor ($497.00 Value) – Kick your membership off with a 1 hour one-on-one strategy call with an instructor!

Work with an instructor to get your personalized roadmap and progress tracking plan. Get a clear picture on how you can leverage the Academy to achieve your business and marketing objectives as fast as possible.

Instructors will answer any and all of your questions. Or you can get a review of your current measurement system and where you can make fast improvements.

"...We were driving all this traffic, but had no idea what the heck was going on!"

Chris Martinez, DUDE Agency

"I've built two multi-million dollar companies off the back of what you taught me..."

Kasim Aslam, Solutions 8, LLC.

"...The team will back you up and give you answers so you look awesome to your clients!"

Darren Craig, Fully Charged Media

"The best part... Our employee got trained by the Measurement Marketing Academy!"

Tim Bratton, The20

Get 5 Months FREE When You Invest In The Annual Plan And... Unlock All The Bonuses!

Measurement Marketing Academy
For Marketers

(Gives the flexibility of paying monthly...)
$ 297 Month to Month Option:
  • Toolbox Access
  • Measurement Marketing Framework Course
  • Ask An Instructor Support
  • Customized Training Roadmap
  • Unlock ALL Measurement Strategy courses
  • Unlock ALL GA4, GTM, & Looker Studio courses
  • On-Demand Workshop Training Library
  • Instructor Led, LIVE Group Training
  • BONUS: 12 Weekly Mastermind Calls ($1,491.00 Value)
  • BONUS: 1-on-1 Call Strategy Call With an Instructor ($497.00 Value)

Measurement Marketing Academy
For Marketers

(Gives you 5 Months FREE + Bonuses)
$ 1997 Get An Entire Year of:
  • Toolbox Access
  • Measurement Marketing Framework Course
  • Ask An Instructor Support
  • Customized Training Roadmap
  • Unlock ALL Measurement Strategy courses
  • Unlock ALL GA4, GTM, & Looker Studio courses
  • On-Demand Workshop Training Library
  • Instructor Led, LIVE Group Training
  • BONUS: 12 Weekly Mastermind Calls ($1,491.00 Value)
  • BONUS: 1-on-1 Strategy Call With an Instructor ($497.00 Value)

"Test Drive" the Measurement Marketing Academy Risk-Free for 30 Days! (No Strings Attached)

New to the Academy?  You are already protected with a 30-Day “Measurement Marketing Academy Test Drive” 100% Money Back Guarantee!

As a first-time Academy member, you can dive into the courses and Implement what you learn (if you get stuck, you can reach out to your instructor)…

As a new Academy member, if the Academy doesn’t meet your expectations or needs, send us a message and you’ll receive a prompt and courteous refund. 

If you were waiting for the perfect time to seize this opportunity, that time is now.
After all, with so much to gain — and with absolutely nothing to lose — shouldn’t you at least take a look? It could change everything about your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! The Measurement Marketing Academy is perfect for those who are completely new.

The Academy is designed to get you quick wins and momentum in measuring your marketing.

To do that, we strip out all the things that aren’t useful for you and focus on things that get you results quickly.

There is NO LIMIT to your “Ask An Instructor” support.

After all…

The more questions you ask, the more you’re going to learn.

When you have question, do what most other students do…

Send videos or screenshots of your current situation.

In return…

You get answers and insights (even videos and screenshots back!) so you can get unstuck and on your way.

Your “Ask An Instructor” support system is WAY BEYOND the “I lost my password….” kind of support.

Whether you have a technical question as to how to set something up, a strategic question as to what to measure, or even just a fresh pair of eyes to go over your work…

“Ask An Instructor” support is like having a consultant, on-call, standing by…. ready to help you move forward.

The Measurement Marketing Academy does include training on tools including: Google Analytics 4, Google Tag Manager, Google Looker Studio, and More!

The Academy content is updated (constantly updated!) and is entirely dedicated to helping marketers improve their results through measurement. (So the content is focused and delivers tactics… But more importantly delivers the STRATEGY.)
When you have the “thinking” part correct, the “doing” part is much easier. 🙂
Which is why the “Ask An Instructor” support is included (because it's really nice to be able to get a fresh pair of eyes on things and work with someone who “gets you” and can help make sure you have both the strategy and tactics down).

No, your membership does not automatically renew.

30 days prior to your membership expiration date, you'll get notifications with instructions on how to renew your current membership.

Or, you can choose another membership option.

If you have any other questions, send an email to [email protected]

To:  Your Manager

Subject: <NAME> Training Request: Data Driven Marketing Training to Increase Profit

To hit our marketing goals I want to suggest we invest in the Measurement Marketing Academy.

After researching several training options in the measurement, analytics and data-driven marketing space, I have found that the Measurement Marketing Academy is well known, offers high quality instruction and detailed training on all things measurement from basic to advanced, plus has exceptional instructor support.  

Through the training we will be able to maximize every step of the customer journey, so that we can improve conversion rate for each step and therefore increase revenue and profit.

Unlike many other data-driven marketing training options available, Measurement Marketing Academy focuses on teaching measurement, so through the training we don’t just learn analytics tools but we also learn how to create a customized measurement strategy for our business, so that we get the specific data we need for better marketing results.

Between the measurement strategy training, analytics tools courses and the instructor support, the Academy will help us move away from Marketing in the Blind and hoping for results to Marketing with Direction (Marketing Forward).

The investment for the Academy is $1997 annually or $297 per month (cancel anytime)

Here a link to sign up –

Let me know when we can get signed up or if you need more details.



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