The Key To Measurement Marketing Success


Everything in Measurement Marketing revolves around a particular framework. In fact, it's so important to your success, that you're getting the entire lesson of one of our most popular W.I.N. courses inside the Academy, for free!

Here's The Best Way To "Future-Proof" Your Measurement...

Introducing the...

Measurement Marketing Academy

How To Set Up, Unlock, and Implement Powerful Cutting-Edge
Measurement Marketing Strategies Into Your Business

Inside the Academy you'll get:

  •  A full suite of courses to short-cut your learning curve with Measurement Strategy, Google Analytics 4, Tag Manager, and Storylytics™ reports
  • Mentorship from Measurement Marketing Instructors
  • Tools, Workshops, community and more!

The Measurement Marketing Academy gives you the training, tools, and high-touch mentorship (more on this below) you need to get measurement done…

Whether you're just starting from scratch…

Need help fixing your measurement set up…

Or, you're looking to level up your skills…

The Measurement Marketing Academy and Instructors have you covered!

Becoming an Academy Member will allow you to…

Get Access to 20+ Measurement Marketing Courses...

Develop your measurement skills with step-by-step courses, designed to get you into ACTION faster.

The Academy features 20+ courses on strategy and tools including: Google Analytics 4, Tag manager, Looker Studio…

And courses on Tag Manager Server-Side, BigQuery, and more!

You can even get a customized training roadmap from instructors, so you know exactly what courses to take to achieve your goals.

As an Academy member you can join new courses and updates LIVE so you can interact with instructors during the training.

Get Immediate Access the following courses and more...

Measurement strategy Courses

Google Analytics (UA/ GA4) Courses

Google Tag Manager Courses

Dashboard & Reporting Courses

Measurement Skills Courses

Specialty Courses

Your Measurement Marketing Skills Will Always Be Up To Date...

Analytics, tracking, and reporting tools and technology are changing all the time. Remember that Facebook Ads course you just bought? It's out of date now.

This is why the Measurement Marketing Academy is dynamic! Every 4-6 Weeks the team releases updates to current courses…

Or completely NEW courses with a priceless  twist… members can attend LIVE!

These additional benefits gives you the opportunity to interact with instructors and get your questions answered during the live training.

And, there is NO additional cost for attending new (or updated) live courses.

1-on-1 Mentorship from Measurement Marketing Instructors...

With “Ask An Instructor” Support…Your Measurement Marketing Instructor will be there to act as your measurement mentors.

This is not your normal “support” where you “submit a ticket” to ask questions…

In fact, the team encourages you to send screenshots and/or videos to explain your exact situation so you get the answers you need.

If you have questions like:

Reach out to "Ask An Instructor" Support any time you get stuck!

No problem! The “Ask an Instructor” Support System is just like having a Measurement Marketing consultant at your disposal.

And, you’ll get answers in hours not days.

Instructors will also do complimentary reviews on your account setups and provide a custom training roadmap for your specific needs.

Connect with the Community inside the "Winner's Circle"...

Stay informed as we release Measurement Marketing news and gain access to a supportive Private Group filled with measurement-focused marketers just like you.

Ask questions and make connections!

Our supportive community will help you tackle even the most complex challenges.

Anytime you have a question just jump in the group and fire away.

Get Answers inside the On-Demand Workshop Library...

Get access to the On-Demand workshop library packed with 100+ hours of training (new training added every week).

Think of the Focused Workshop Library as the Measurement Marketing “Search Engine” for answers.

Whether you're looking for “Just-in-time learning” or you need to dive deeper into a topic or technique…

Or maybe you're looking for an answer to a specific “How To” question about any of your measurement system tools.

All you need to do is type in your topic or keyword into the library search bar and you'll see a list of relevant workshops.

And just like the Courses, Workshops are updated as technology, techniques, tactics or strategies change…so you are never left behind and always on the cutting edge!

Choose the "Annual" membership to unlock these Bonuses!

For a limited-time when you invest in the Academy Annual  option you'll get the following bonuses:

BONUS #1: 12 Weekly Measurement Mastermind Calls ($1,491.00 Value)

Get access to 12 weekly live calls with your fellow students, Certified Measurement Marketers, and Instructor team.

Get live interaction with Measurement Professionals for best practices, advice, and “behind-the-scenes” look at real world measurement applications.

Calls recordings are available just in case you miss one.

BONUS #2: A One-on-One Strategy call with an instructor ($497.00 Value)

Kick your membership off with a 1 hour one-on-one strategy call with an instructor!

Work with an instructor to get your personalized roadmap and progress tracking plan. Get a clear picture on how you can leverage the Academy to achieve your business and marketing objectives as fast as possible.

Instructors will answer any and all of your questions. Or you can get a review of your current measurement system and where you can make fast improvements.

Measurement Marketing Academy
For Marketers

(Gives the flexibility of paying monthly...)
$ 297 Month to Month Option:
  • Toolbox Access
  • Measurement Marketing Framework Course
  • Ask An Instructor Support
  • Customized Training Roadmap
  • Unlock ALL Measurement Strategy courses
  • Unlock ALL GA4, GTM, & Looker Studio courses
  • On-Demand Workshop Training Library
  • Instructor Led, LIVE Group Training
  • BONUS: 12 Weekly Mastermind Calls ($1,491.00 Value)
  • BONUS: 1-on-1 Call Strategy Call With an Instructor ($497.00 Value)

Measurement Marketing Academy
For Marketers

(Gives you 5 Months FREE + Bonuses)
$ 1997 Get An Entire Year of:
  • Toolbox Access
  • Measurement Marketing Framework Course
  • Ask An Instructor Support
  • Customized Training Roadmap
  • Unlock ALL Measurement Strategy courses
  • Unlock ALL GA4, GTM, & Looker Studio courses
  • On-Demand Workshop Training Library
  • Instructor Led, LIVE Group Training
  • BONUS: 12 Weekly Mastermind Calls ($1,491.00 Value)
  • BONUS: 1-on-1 Strategy Call With an Instructor ($497.00 Value)
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