Grow Your Marketing ROI BY
50-100% IN 90 DAYS OR LESS

Here’s how the Team can help you double your marketing ROI at a fraction of the cost of a “Done-For-You” program or Hiring An Outside Agency

Hi, I'm
Chris "Mercer" Mercer

I'm the co-founder of, a training and consulting company that helps...

Business owners , agencies, and marketing teams leverage measurement to increase marketing ROI, recover wasted marketing dollars, and increase revenue.

And we'd love to work with you as well, but...

I'd advise you NOT to hire us to do your measurement for you...

Maybe Hiring A Measurement Agency or Expert Isn’t What You Need…

After private conversations with hundreds of students and clients, we realized something:

Most businesses DO NOT NEED to hire an agency or outside expert to build and maintain their marketing measurement system.

In fact, for some businesses, it’s a terrible idea.

To add to that, everyone of our private clients and high-level students expressed that more than having their measurement done for them…

They wanted the STRATEGY behind what makes Measurement Marketing such a powerful asset in their business…

So they could bring it in-house and develop a “Measurement Culture” in their business.

So the team and I got together…

What if We Could Deliver Our Proven Strategy, Expertise and 100% of the Results…At Only A Fraction of the Cost?

If this sounds interesting, keep reading…

Hiring an agency can come at a steep price.

And let’s be honest when the budget gets tight, the first thing on the chopping block is cutting the expense of having an outside agency or consultant.

Having in-house talent is a win for you and the business.

Whether you're learning the skill yourself or you have a team member get trained.

Our private clients pay up to $40,000 per year to retain our team for measurement services.

But, we’ve created a way where you can work directly with our team to help you get the same results as our private clients…

while paying less and getting 100% of the benefits.


The Measurement Marketing Academy For Professionals

A “Done-with-you” coaching program designed to leverage the power of measurement to DOUBLE your marketing ROI in 90 Days or less… GUARANTEED!

The Measurement Marketing Academy for Professionals is a small group coaching program...

Where the team works with you on a daily basis to help you improve your marketing results with measurement.

We’ll help you implement our proven measurement strategy, build your measurement system, and optimize your marketing for maximum results.

The more committed you are, the more we’ll work with you to help you achieve your goals.

You’ll get personalized support, access to all of our systems, processes, skills, and guidance you need to take your marketing results to the next level.

Each Week We’re Going To Help You:

Get Laser-Focused on the numbers that matter in your marketing, so you have the KPIs that drive revenue
Nail down what traffic sources and campaigns are bringing you the most value (and help you quickly identify the losers)
Optimize your marketing campaigns with laser-like precision to boost conversions
Know exactly what’s working and what’s not, so you can maximize ROI for every campaign you have running
Develop an “Eagle Eye” for hidden opportunities and potential pitfalls.
Slash hours off your workload so you can spend less time crunching numbers and more time taking action
Dive deeper into your customer insights so you can create offers that attract the best customers
Increase your “Scaling Smarts” so you know exactly when and how to scale your marketing with efficiency, without breaking the bank
Become more agile in adapting your marketing strategy to changing market conditions

Unlimited Coaching
& Feedback

Show the team what you’re working on and we’ll help you take your measurement strategy and build to the next level.

All you have to do is send a message to our “Ask An Instructor” Support using screenshots, video, or text and our team will give you personalized feedback in hours not days.

Coaching Calls Every Week!

Every Wednesday afternoon, we jump on Zoom where the team will give you a step-by-step walkthrough any measurement-related challenge you’re trying to solve.

All calls are recorded and made available to members only.

Members-Only Slack Channel

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Take Your Measurement Skills To The Next Level With Help From A Team of Experts By Your Side!

Julie Brade

Chris Mercer

Manisha Mistry

JJ Reynolds

Stockton Fisher

Ryan Levander

How Much Is Academy For Professionals?

The Measurement Marketing Academy for Professionals is pennies on the dollar
compared to hiring out your measurement.

12 Months of Unlimited Coaching & Training!

Join Today For Just:


Weekly “Measurement Mastermind” Calls to help you level up your skills and get real-world feedback
Unlimited access to Instructors via “Ask An Instructor Support”
Access to the “Winner’s Circle” Private Slack Channel
Guidance on your measurement strategy and system
Help with diagnosing and optimizing your marketing campaigns

Why You Should Join The
Measurement Marketing Academy
For Professionals Right Now?

Measurement Marketing Academy for Professionals is only available to a limited number of spots to maintain the high-level of support and coaching.

If you know you need to start making your marketing more ROI positive… This is a no-brainer offer.

Click the button below now and join us inside the Measurement Marketing Academy for Professionals today.

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