Ryan Levander


Digital Marketing

How Ryan Levander Can Help You
We specialize in getting the right people to your digital door with smart paid search strategies. Once they are there, we help you optimize your sales funnel for maximum sales and conversion rates at every step of the user's journey.

I love to work with e-commerce clients, but am open to working with physical business as well. Also open to working with agencies in white labeling to diagnose problems or complex tracking scenarios.

Industries we have experience with: Online Ecommerce – all types but specific expertise in launches, Automotive, Real Estate, Legal, Medical.

Projects Budgets: $2k/month reoccurring for minimum of 3 months, Or, ad hoc/consulting/troubleshooting $100/hour.

Systems we use: Google Sheets, Google Analytics, Google Tag manager, Google Data Studio, Google Optimize, and most all CRMs (specific expertise in Infusionsoft, Salesforce, Hubspot for Data Studio automated ROI Reporting.

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