W.I.N. Your Measurement Plan

Course Duration: 5hrs 58ms


When you know where you are and where you’re going, you can easily map out how to get there. That’s what PLANNING is all about. It’s a unique skill that will save you from frustration and overwhelm when measuring your marketing. This step-by-step program will not only show you EXACTLY what to focus on and what to ignore, it also gives you the opportunity to ask questions directly to Measurement Marketing Instructors, so you can move forward FASTER.

What to Expect:

  • The #1 Mistake Most Marketers Make When Measuring Their Numbers (And How To Avoid It)
  • What Are The Most Important Numbers To Measure
  • Using The Q.I.A. Method To Build A Measurement Plan
  • How To Do Basic Audit For Your Google Analytics

Retail Value: $297.00
Included with Academy Membership


Measurement Planning: The Foundations (57m)

Lesson Content

Using P.O.D. to Measure Behaviors (50m)

Lesson Content

The 10 Minute Audit (1h 8m)

Lesson Content

The Deep Dive Audit (1h 1m)

Lesson Content

W.I.N. Your Measurement Plan Bonus Q&A (2h 2m)

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