W.I.N. Traffic Attribution

Course Duration: 2hrs 40ms


Finally know which traffic sources are worth investing your time & money on (and which ones aren’t). In this W.I.N. you’ll discover exactly how to do just that. Plus, we’ll figure out exactly why Google and Facebook never seem to agree…

What to Expect:

  • Who Should Get Credit For What
  • How to Handle “Mult-Touch” Attribution
  • How Platforms “Tell Their Truth”
  • How to Model “Useful Attribution”
  • And More…

Retail Value: $297.00
Included with Academy Membership


A Window Into Attribution (17m)

Pondering Platforms (38m)

A “Touchy” Subject (44m)

The (Customer) Journey Begins (34m)

A Model Marketer (27m)

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