W.I.N. Retention, Churn, Stick, & Cohorts

Course Duration: 2hrs 46ms


Recurring billing is great for revenue, but when it comes to measuring things like retention, churn, and stick rate you’ll need to level up your skills. In this W.I.N. you get everything you need to figure out how to use “cohort reports” to answer just about any question you can come up with!

What to Expect:

  • What Cohorts Report Are (and How to Use Them!)
  • Understanding Retention & Churn
  • How to Figure Out Your “Stick Rate”
  • Using The “RCS Tracker” Tool to Automate Reports
  • And More…

Retail Value: $297.00
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Retention, Churn, Stick, and Cohorts: The Foundations (24m)

Lesson Content

Gathering Information (21m)

Lesson Content

Understanding Cohorts (39m)

Lesson Content

Retention vs Churn (43m)

Lesson Content

Calculating Stick Rate (38m)

Lesson Content

W.I.N. Retention, Churn, Stick, & Cohorts Bonus Q&A (22m)

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