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Are your users going through your site, but aren’t taking meaningful action? Instead of reading your content, signing up for your newsletter, watching videos, or more importantly, buying your product, are they leaving? If so, it’s time to do A/B testing (or split testing). A tool that makes running split tests and measuring results easier than ever.

What to Expect:

  • What part of your funnel should be optimized first
  • How to know a good test vs. a bad test
  • How to keep your split test organized
  • The “traffic light system” to know which test is worth doing (and which is not)
  • And much more…

Retail Value: $297.00
Included with Academy Membership


Optimization Foundations (41m)

Lesson Content

Google Optimize Basics (33m)

Lesson Content

Building Your First Split Tests (1h)

Lesson Content

Personalizing the User Experience (36m)

Lesson Content

Understanding Your Results (54m)

Lesson Content

W.I.N. Google Optimize Bonus Q&A (48m)

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