W.I.N. Looker Studio (previously Data Studio) Beyond Basics

Course Duration: 6hrs 6ms


Discover How Marketers Can Build Useful And Insightful Dashboards

What to Expect:

  • The Key Ingredient To Turning Good Dashboards To Great Dashboards
  • How To Measure Conversion Rates With W.I.N. Looker Studio (And The Nuances)
  • Secrets To An Engaging and Easy-To-Understand Dashboards
  • And much more…

Retail Value: $297.00
Included with Academy Membership


Advanced Design Tips & Tricks (1h 5m)

Lesson Content

Working With Advanced Functions and Formulas (54m)

Lesson Content

Extracting Data (59m)

Lesson Content

Parameters & Advanced Controls (1h 9m)

Lesson Content

Combining Multiple Data Sources (58m)

Lesson Content

W.I.N. Looker Studio Beyond Basics Bonus Q&A (54m)

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