W.I.N. Google Analytics Beyond Basics

Course Duration: 4hrs 4ms


If you’re ready to move past the basics and become a savvy measurement marketer, at a certain point, you will feel the need to know more. This type of measuring requires advanced customization and that's exactly what you'll discover inside this W.I.N.!

What to Expect:

  • How to get Google Analytics to report by affiliate, lead type, customer avatar, and just about anything else you can imagine
  • How to use cookies for better measurement marketing
  • The cross-device journeys to get more “useful truths”
  • And more…

Retail Value: $297.00
Included with Academy Membership


Causes of Customization (39m)

Customization Building Blocks (35m)

Cookie Cutter Customization (33m)

Customizing For Cross-Device Journeys (45m)

Customizing Your Data Story (48m)

W.I.N. Google Analytics Beyond Basics Bonus Q&A (44m)

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