Have you ever stared at a sales funnel that’s underperforming and thought: Sales funnels can be difficult beasts to tame. They are the lifeblood of many online businesses but seem to be finicky and difficult to optimize. You may be tempted to shut it down, lick your wounds, and move on. So how do you […]

By Mercer | December 19, 2019

Developers and marketers have to work together so that the marketing websites produce the best ROI for the company. Sometimes the two teams feel like they speak two different languages, and this leads to frustration, and sometimes both sides being at odds with each other. Let’s bridge this gap. We’ll take a look at why […]

By Mercer | December 4, 2019

For many marketers, there’s no better feeling than seeing “good” numbers. That may be traffic going up, costs going down, or any combination of numbers. Marketers tend to live in a world of numbers. But numbers don’t show the whole story. And when you don’t measure everything you can, your numbers could tell you an […]

By Mercer | November 20, 2019

Google Analytics goals provide massive value to your business. The right goals map to your business objectives. They give you a window into how your business is performing. Goals allow you to adjust when needed and celebrate accomplishments. However, there are nuances to creating goals that can lead you down the wrong path. You could […]

By Mercer | November 6, 2019

You have a funnel, whether you know it or not. The question is, “How do you know your funnel is working?” Where can you go to see where customers are leaving you and why they’re going? Many landing page builders, like Clickfunnels or LeadPages, show you your numbers per page. You can see the number […]

By Mercer | October 1, 2019

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